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Back to School Plant-Based Lunchbox Ideas!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

So many ways you can pack this perfect little bento box I found on Amazon! And it fits in standard size lunch bags! We are LOVING it!

* No affiliate links or sponsored posts ever, just genuine opinions + suggestions! *

So Let's Try PACKING!

  • Deconstructed Sushi Box: seaweed, rice balls (made with this fun thing from amazon), edamame, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes (but would've put pickled ginger if I'd remembered to get some ginger), strawberries, and frozen mango!

  • Cheesy Snack Pack: “turtles” (goldfish from Aldi), Love Corn cheezy, unroasted almonds, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, grapes, blackberries, strawberries, and a frozen Chocolate Dream Pop!

  • Vegan Graze Box: Violife cream cheese sandwich with tomato basil Panera Bread (we actually prefer cashew cream cheese, but didn't have time to make some this weekend), carrot chips, cucumber, cashew nut clusters (could have easily made from scratch, but bought from Target), unroasted almonds, cara cara orange, grapes, and a Strawberry Dream Pop!

  • Carrot Lox Bagel Box: mini bagel, cream cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, pickles, carrot lox, pickles, grapes, and seaweed!

  • Protein-Packed Brunch Box: savory tomato muffins, steamed carrot chips, strawberries, grapes, unroasted almonds + cashew nut clusters, granola, and a Vanilla Chia Pudding Dream Pop!

  • Noodles+Nooch Box: chickpea pasta topped with nutritional yeast, steamed broccoli, berries, granola + hemp seeds, mandarin oranges, and a Strawberry Dream Pop!

  • Zoodle Box: spiralized zucchini + carrots, sesame seeds + almonds, red cabbage, peppers, pickled ginger, cucumber, frozen mango, watermelon fries, and a Pineapple Dream Pop!

Fruit Ideas:

- grapes

- watermelon fries

- oranges

- berries

- pear

- frozen mango chunks

Veggie Ideas:

- baby carrots/carrot chips

- cucumber

- snow peas

- edamame

- zucchini

- broccoli

- tomatoes

Protein Ideas:

- chickpeas

- chickpea pasta

- tofu bites

- unroasted almonds

- Dream Pops (make with protein powder for extra protein)

- bliss balls

Starch Ideas:

- rice balls

- grilled cheese

- waffles

- mac + cheese + peas

- bagel thins/mini bagels

Snack Ideas:

- Love Corn snacks

- Goldfish

- Seaweed

- Multigrain Cheerios

- granola

- pickles

Treat Ideas:

- fruit bars

- fruit jerky

- cauliflower puffs

- fruit muffins

- chickpea blondies

- applesauce

Dip Ideas:

- hummus

- dessert hummus

- tzatziki

- cashew queso

- spinach dip

Tools + Gadgets to make packing even more fun:

  • Rice Ball Shaker - arguably unnecessary, but for $5, why not?

  • Sandwich Sealer - I actually just use a circle cookie cutter that I already had, but these seem cute + effective!

  • Popsicle Sleeves - not just for popsicles! think Dream Pops, chia pudding, applesauce, yogurt, pudding, I'm sure you could even put Jell-O if you wanted!

  • Crinkle Cutter - not just for potatoes! try cutting fruits and veggies with this fun cutter + see how much more fun they are to eat!

  • Dehydrator - love this gadget! fruit jerky is our fave!! especially pineapple jerky! we used to buy Solely Organic Pineapple Fruit Jerky from Whole Foods for nearly $2 a jerky + they're so tasty, it's hard to eat just 1! now I just buy fresh whole pineapples for less than $2, cut them up + pop them in for 12 hours to enjoy all the jerky we want!

  • Spiralizer - another great gadget we love! our Summer Saints had so much fun learning how to use this guy! fun for the whole family to use + makes eating veggies fun too!!

  • Touchland Hand Sanitizer - perfect easy-to-use, easy-to-carry amazing-smelling hand sanitizer you + your little will love! I got this cute carrying case to attach to my daughter's lunchbag too!

If any of these ideas inspired you, please share in the comments! Happy Packing!

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