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What's New at TGR? Date Caramel Dip

This year at The Growing Room Preschool, So Let's Try Wellness has introduced "So Let's Try Cooking with Miss Asha" as a nutrition education program that features healthy foods and recipes that students can make at home with their families. It has been an exciting program for me to be personally involved in, and to see the engagement and excitement in these 3-5 year old little learners trying new foods is beyond amazing!

Our first "What I Tried Today" lesson was DATES! The kids got to open the dates, remove the pits, and learn how to make date caramel dip!

The kids even got to cut their own apples with kid-safe knives to dip their apple slices in this naturally sweet yummy date caramel dip!

super simple to make & it's kid-approved!

Each week the students are sent home with recipe sheets and coloring pages with nutrition fun facts that they keep in binders, so at the end of the school year, they'll have their own little cookbooks that they've tasted all the recipes to!

I can't wait to keep you all updated as to What's New at TGR! Feel free to try these recipes with your families and let me know what your little ones think!

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