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A Bit About Me

Hi there! My name is Asha Mongi and I am the certified holistic health coach behind So Let's Try Wellness. I am a plant-based, gluten-free mom with a passion for education and nutrition. I am currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio working with children at All Saints Episcopal Church. As the Nursery Director for over a year, I decided I wanted to start a summer children's program at All Saints called Summer Saints. Summer Saints became a plant-based children's program largely centered around healthy living with activities such as gardening, weekly walks to the community center, outdoor play, yoga, meditation, art, and learning how to make various vegan dishes! Previously, I managed a local vegan restaurant and worked with The Growing Room Preschool, running the children's nutrition program at their school. With hands-on demonstrations and take-home recipe books, I try to inspire and incite a similar passion in our local community through our nation's future.

At So Let's Try, we’re driven by our dedication to offer a superior experience of a healthier lifestyle in an affordable way. Click the link below to find out all the ways you can begin to Try Wellness!

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