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What's New at TGR? Fluffy Pink Waffles!

What's better on a chilly morning than a warm waffle?

A warm fluffy PINK waffle that's vegan, gluten-free, nutritious and delicious!

And what makes it pink you ask? The wonderful, superpower-full

root vegetable: the beet!

Our TGR kiddos got to learn all about this vibrantly colored superveggie while learning a fun way to cook + enjoy it!

I brought in my blender + waffle iron to show our little learners how to make this pretty pink waffle batter! You can find the recipe posted at the end of the blog.

The kids (and teachers) really loved this recipe! I hope you give it a try at home!

If you don't already have a waffle maker, I promise you it is a purchase you will not regret! I got mine on Amazon for $30 a year ago (it's rotating + two-sided so you can make two waffles at the same time & it's nonstick) and they absolutely have other waffle makers available for less! I use mine all the time and definitely feel it's a fun appliance worth investing in, especially if you have littles at home!

As The Growing Room celebrates Love Grows Week, the spirit of spreading love and expressing gratitude is in the air. Love Grows Week is presented by The Love Grows Program, an amazing nonprofit organization that empowers families by providing access to tuition-free, high quality preschool education. The Love Grows Program does incredible, meaningful, life-changing work in our community and provides so much support not only to the students, but to the families as well. If you'd like to find out ways to help support The Love Grows' cause in spreading love + kindness, not only this week but every week, please check out their website here & get inspired to get involved!

*Note: I sliced and roasted my fresh organic beets in my oven at home, but you can absolutely use any kind of cooked beet, whether it be boiled or cooked beets from the store. I read roasting beets makes for more vibrant baked goods and had the time to do so---after chopping them up and coating in grapeseed oil, they actually roasted fairly quickly and I was able to store what I didn't use in the fridge for making more waffles later!

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