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Exciting New Things at So Let's Try!

So Let's Try Wellness is so excited to announce the expansion of our practice from just individualized health coaching programs and products to now: children's nutrition education! As a mom, it has always been an important part of my life to focus on kids and nutrition; additionally, food plays a large role in the development, growth and behavior of kids and us parents need to take a closer look into what we are feeding our children. Ingredients can make all the difference between nourishment and poison, and I've made it part of So Let's Try's mission to make that difference positive, starting with the children and families of our local communities.

So Let's Try Wellness will be teaching "So Let's Try Cooking with Miss Asha" lessons at The Growing Room Preschool here in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as hosting "Family & Me" cooking classes in the upcoming semester. More updates and news to come, so stay tuned and Try Wellness!

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