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Alkalizing vs. Acid-Forming Foods

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

hi lovelies!

I just wanted to take a moment to do a little health coaching + talk to you about alkalizing foods. "alkalizing" is basically just a fancy word for "acid-reducing" & we definitely want as many acid-reducing foods in our diet as possible! one of the books I like to recommend to my clients is Sahara Rose's Eat Feel Fresh, in which she writes more in-depth on the subject we are about to get into.

"All foods are either acid-forming or alkalizing. In the past century, our diet has become increasingly focused on acid-forming foods...many of which are highly processed. To rebalance our pH levels and prevent disease, we must include more alkalizing foods in our diets."

do you or anyone you know struggle with weight, digestive issues, skin problems, fatigue?

how about inflammation, muscle weakness, urinary tract issues, or receding gums?

if you do, your body is probably acidic & all the bad things that can attack your body (viruses, bacteria, candida, cancer) t h r i v e in acidic bodies!

while we should steer clear of most acid-forming foods, life is all about balance & we do need some acid-forming and neutral foods for proper digestion----but healthy ones like fermented foods, whole grains, nuts + beans. the key, according to modern Ayurvedic practices, is to "aim for about 80% alkalizing foods and 20% acid-forming foods, and to limit or avoid the most acid-forming foods, such as dairy, refined sugar, flour, and conventionally raised meat."

I made a few graphics to help show more examples of alkalizing + acid-forming foods as a general guide. of course there are healthy versions + alternatives to everything, and not all acid-forming foods are inherently bad. these are just some examples for you to get an idea of the most alkalizing foods (when grown organically) and the most acid-forming foods, which refer to those grown with pesticides, genetically modified, highly processed, refined, or artificial.

I will be doing more blog posts about general nutrition + gut health soon, so be sure to become a member of So Let's Try Wellness to get all the updates of what's happening here + find out what's new in wellness first!

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