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What's New at TGR? Apples + Chia Seeds!

Season's Greetings + Happy New Year! As we welcome 2022, I'd like to update you all on how we ended off our 2021 at The Growing Room Preschool.

After we came back to school from giving thanks, sharing food + making memories with loved ones, we got to enjoy a taste test of local apple varieties and learned about different ways to eat apples. We had oat muffins and gluten free donuts made with granny smith apples after the all the kiddos went around telling us their favorites and least favorites of the apple varieties! So fun!

Before we said "happy holidays and see you next year," we learned about chia seeds and all their mighty superfood powers! Chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants, protein, omega-3s, and so many more amazing nutrients + are such a versatile little seed. We learned that chia seeds can even be used as a vegan egg substitute in baking! All the kids were so excited to measure out the ingredients and make their own cookie jars they could take home as presents to their families!

Always a wonderful day to learn + try new foods at TGR! Can't wait for all of what "Cooking with Miss Asha" has in store for 2022!

Recipes for the Granny Smith Apple Cake & the Chia Breakfast Cookies are below:

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